Thursday, February 03, 2005

What I've Learned

Blog #2 What I've learned.

What I have learned in the beginning of this semester is the different theories and theorists view on education. B.F Skinner, and John Dewey were theorists that really stuck in my mind the last few classes. I learned of B.F Skinner and his theory of behaviorism, which carries the idea that behavior is controlled by the consequence of action then by the events, which precede it. There are three situations that shape behavior: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment. Although the explanation of negative reinforcement was discussed in class, I still find my self a little confused when trying to apply/observe it in my practicum (grade 6 at Lennoxville Elementary School).
John Dewey, I learned, is the ‘grandfather’ of constructivism. An approach I would like to apply in my future classroom. He believe that the curriculum should be built upon the student’s own interest, and that all subjects should be practical to every day live. This means that children should be able to apply what they learn in class to their daily lives. Dewey was very adamant that subject matter should not be kept separate, therefore, all subject should coincide. I thought this was a very valid point because often we learn ‘just math’ and ‘just English’ and are very often not taught that the two can deal with one another. For instance in math we use written language to explain a solved problem, therefore we must have some English knowledge of grammar rules.
Overall, I’ve really learned a lot about different theories. I became really interested in learning the theorists when were told to summarize the theorists and present it to the class. Hearing my peer discuss what they understood from the chapter really help me remember what was discussed in class.


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