Thursday, February 24, 2005

What I've learned

In the last few weeks of this course, Integrating Technology into the Classroom, I’ve learned a lot of about lesson plans. Until the last few weeks I have had little practice actually creating lesson plans. It gave me a great opportunity to look through the QEP and really try to understand what we are trying to teach our students.
Furthermore, the group lesson plan activity gave me a great opportunity to actually apply what we have learnt in class. It was a nice way to try to incorporate different technologies into the classroom. I thought it would be a much more difficult task then it was. When thinking about integrating technology I thought it would have to be some great invention or some great technology. However, this exercise allowed me to understand that technology is technology regardless of its size or shape.
Finally, the in class presentations also allowed me to practice my presentation skills. I am a very shy person, and by presenting in front of my peers it is slowly making me feel a little more comfortable in front of a room full of people.


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