Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Things I like and Dislike

Things that could be changed
1.) The Hip Bone Game. I think it's a great idea to have students build off each other; but, I don't like how it depends so much on group work.
2.) The textbook. I know this is something that cannot be changed, but its contents are very dry, thus, it is difficult to remained focus when reading it.
3.) There are too many class presentations, that I feel deal with the same concepts repeatedly.

Things that I enjoy.
1.) I like doing some of the in class presentations. I think it is very beneficial to have us become more comfortable presenting ideas to our peers. It will also benefit us in our own classroom.
2.) I like the final project-the lesson plan integrating technology. I think is give us a great opportunity to really look through the QEP and formulate an appropriate lesson plan. I have also not had a lot of exprience doing lesson plans so this great practice.
3.) I like the atmosphere of the class. I find it laid back and very comfortable and makes me want to learn about the course material.


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