Thursday, April 14, 2005

Entry #6

Things that I need to improve on:
I think the area that I need to improve on is the integration of theorist and theories into my essays. I need to better support my ideas and statements through theorist and their theories. This is essential so that my essay sounds more professional and more solide.

Three things I improved on:
1) Public speaking
2) Creating idea for integrating technology
3) class attendance and participation heheheheh :D

Three things I did well on:
1.) The final lesson plan
2.)My initial statement on technology
3.) Group assignment and in class work.

Entry #5

Three things that I have learned:

1.)Different approaches or theories on the dilieverance of education.
2.)I have learned how to feel comfortable presenting a project before my peers.
3.)I have learned about different activities that I can use with technology. For instance, I can use a spreadsheet software and have my students figure out the ages of people who have been burried in a cemetary.